Hey, Paul here. Here’s the short version of my Launch Assistant service…

Many people I speak to have knowledge and ideas they want to do something with.

Often it's create some sort of online business that includes one or more of the following...

  • Memberships, Courses or Group programmes
  • Podcasts & YouTube Channels
  • Coaching or Online Services
  • Funnels, Launches & Email Lists

...and yet, for a variety of reasons it just hasn't happened yet.

That's where I come in.

I'm that organised, problem solving, tech guy who can be your secret weapon to turning those ideas into a reality (without pulling your hair out or having to figure it all out yourself).

This is a bespoke DONE FOR YOU service. What I do is implement your ideas and help you take your business to the next level. 

Fancy a chat? I prefer a cuppa and piece of cake in person, but chances are the first one will need to be over Zoom. Drop me an email to [email protected] and we can get a time in the diary.


P.S - if you want the longer in depth version of The Launch Assistant, read on…


Three... Two x Spots Available To Work With Me This Spring / Summer

You're a coach or expert in your field and you have a vision for something you want to create - but you want some help making it a reality.

Not just anyone though, you want someone who buys into what you're doing and really cares.

Chances are you've...

  • Taken Strategy Courses But Are Still Stuck - you've learned what to do and the marketing strategy, but when it comes to implementing that stuff you get overwhelmed and stuck!
  • Not Got Enough Time - other commitments and life just keep pushing this stuff down the to do list. It's like how the heck are you suppose to do all this by yourself?
  • Had Several False Starts - you've tried implementing and getting started but either get stuck with tech, feel overwhelmed or get sidetracked and lose momentum.

It doesn't have to be that way. Launching can actually be an exciting effortless experience - with a little help from your launch assistant!


Together We Will Turn Your Idea Into Reality!

This is not some fixed off the shelf offer - and I'm not your everyday assistant. In fact I'm so much more and when we work together to launch you get access to it all...

The Tech Guy - I set up all the tech for you... websites, funnels, courses, checkouts, programmes, podcasts, memberships, funnels, webinars, challenges and automations.

The Chief Organiser - I create simple plans, oversee projects, keep you on track and just generally making sure everything runs smoothly.

The Implementor - I ensure things get done - programmes run smoothly, podcasts out on schedule, consistent emailing and ensuring your business runs smoothly.

The Problem Solver - I don't give up trying to figure stuff out, whatever problem you face I'll be there stubbornly not giving up until we find a solution.

The Sounding Board - I'll be there to bounce ideas off, share my own, give feedback and be the guy who gives it to you straight.

The Coach - I hold space for and support clients through any moments of self doubt, overwhelm or other challenges.

The Designer - I create graphics and designs to save you time and ensure your marketing and brand look great.

The Friend & Fan - my ongoing clients become good friends and I one of their biggest supporters encouraging them on their journey.


This is NOT an off the shelf package offer. Each client I work with has slightly different needs and scope for their launch.

Outlined below are some examples of what the Launch Assistant package might include, if you are interested in working with me I will put together a bespoke proposal based on your project.

New Course + Webinar Launch



  • 3 x Planning Sessions
  • Full Lauch Tech Set Up (e.g course area, funnels, checkouts, webinar)
  • Planning Your Launch (map out marketing)
  • Live Webinar Support
  • Webinar Recording Turned Into Evergreen Funnel
  • Support & Guidance Through Whole Launch

This would be ideal for an existing coach or expert who wants to scale up their offers by launching a course, membership group programme.

Launch Your New Business



  • 5 x Planning Sessions
  • 8 Page Website
  • Podcast & YouTube Channel
  • 2 x Funnels
  • Full Lauch Tech Set Up (e.g course area, funnels, checkouts, webinar)
  • Planning Your Launch (map out marketing)
  • Live Webinar Support
  • Webinar Recording Turned Into Evergreen Funnel
  • Support & Guidance Through Whole Launch

This is ideal for someone with a clear vision of a new business they want to launch.



  • Anyone Who Wants To Launch An Online Course, Membership or Programme
  • Online Business Owners Who Are Great At Marketing & Selling But Need Help Behind The Scenes
  • Extroverts (especially ENFP's or Similar)
  • Existing Coaches & Experts Who Want To Scale Up Their Online Business


  • Anyone Who Isn't Really Clear On The Idea or Vision They Want To Launch
  • People Focused On Making A Quick Buck
  • An Existing Coach or Expert With A Large Team In Place
  • Offline Businesses - Unless You Want To Move Into Online Offers


"He’s the talisman in your toolbox required to conquer your technological and organizational monsters that are the obstacles to turning your idea into reality."

(Karen DiMarco - Transformational Coach)

Paul has helped me enormously since planning and designing my website last year. He has a gift for explaining complex issues in a simple way, and is always willing to talk through areas which I have failed to grasp, guiding through the mine-field of online marketing. I would thoroughly recommend Paul as someone who will go the extra mile to ensure your project is successful.

(Lizzie Paish - Hypnortherapist & Coach)

"This guy is keeping me focused and moving forward (and to be honest sane!) with a brand new project!
I needed someone to map out the launch and keep me on track. Paul is just a dream to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

(Charlotte Hopkins - Success Coach)

"Paul has been the missing link in my business strategy! I am an ENFP and I love what I do - coaching, mentoring and training, but I am not so keen on setting up the systems to keep me on track with my goals.

With Paul's behind the scenes help, we both ran a really successful five-day challenge which I would have always had on the to-do list before but never got around to doing.

He also helped me set up different projects that I have planned for years in a tiny % of the time that it would have taken me to do the same thing.

Paul has got a great sense of humour and is incredible at bringing me back on track when I have bright shiny object syndrome! He is also a focused businessman who really cares about his client's results. I massively recommend Paul."

(Joanna Ellis - NLP Coach)


I love seeing things go from idea to reality. When those things make the world a better place in some small way, that really makes me excited to work on a project.

I put this offer together as over the years I've seen the value that I can bring to projects. It allows me to bring my wide range of experience and skills to the table in a way that makes a big difference to projects.

I'm not here to take on just any clients, I want to work with fun, creative and kind people who want to help others. If that's you I'd love to hear more about your project...


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