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Kajabi is my favourite tool - it's an all in one platform for coaches & experts to simplify running their business.

Rather than have an endless number of different apps and trying to make them work together - it's great to have them all in one place, working and saving money with one monthly payment.

If you're a coach or expert looking to simplify and upgrade your online tech Kajabi is a great option. Click below to get a free 14 day trial and see what Kajabi can offer you...



Kajabi enables me to do so much in one place, but, I do also need a few other apps to help me run and grow my business...


Asana - en easy to use project and task manager. Use it for yourself and with your team.

Evernote - store thoughts, notes, copy drafts and much more in this online notebook.

Gmail - email made simple and easy across all devices.

Google Drive - store and share any files you need from accounts to freebies and more.

Google Docs / Sheets - create any documents you need, easily shared and editable by your team.

Zoom - err we all know what this one is right?! The easy to use online meeting and conference tool

Xero - make your accounts easier with this online invoicing and accounting software.

Calendly - the easy to use meeting booking tool, ideal if you have lots of client meetings.

Design & Creative

Canva - makes creating graphics of any kinds easier with lots of great to use templates.

Photoscape - the simple easy to use version of Photoshop, ideal for those small edits you need to make.

iMovie - simple easy to make video editing software I use for my videos.

Pexels - a great source of free images that don't look like boring stock photos!


Macbook - two years ago I got my first MacBook and I've not looked back! Unlike all previous laptops this one is going strong several years after purchase.

Yeti Microphone - a simple stylish microphone that allows me to capture high quality audio.

iPhone 11 - great camera for photos, doubles as webcam and allows me to have all my apps anywhere I go. 


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