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A 30 day exploration of how to experience more joy, fun, excitement & fulfilment in your life. Starts 25th July.

SIGN UP - £33

Within us all there is the possibility of experiencing life with a deep sense of joy - a feeling that arises effortlessly from within which brightens your days, fills you with a sense of hope and makes you feel truly alive like never before.

And the great news is that you don’t need to quit your job, change relationships, win the lottery, move country or anything like that to experience it - it can be much simpler than that.

The Joy Experiment is an exploration of what makes that deep joy possible for human beings more of the time. We’re not looking at just adding a load of ‘fun’ things into your daily life or getting you to get better at acting happy.

This is a deep exploration that will uncover what’s been blocking you from connecting with that deep joy that is within you right now - it’s that version of you and life that you sense is possible, yet no matter what you’ve tried it always seems out of reach.

In The Joy Experiment I will introduce you to the simple and life changing practices of self awareness, exploration and discovery. We will use these practices to explore deep joy, what’s been holding you back from it and experimenting to get you actually experiencing it during our time together.

Imagine a life you consciously choose & start creating - led by your joy and what truly excites you. That's what I want for all of us and why I'm really looking forward to running The Joy Experiment (& joining in too!).

Let’s all create a life filled with more joy.



Who Is This For?

Anyone wanting to experience more joy, fun & play in their life - some of the following may resonate...

  • Day to day life seems to pass by interspersed only with the occasional moments of fleeting fun (you see other people really loving life & wonder what magic pill they took!)
  • You know you're playing small in life, holding back from your dreams & always putting others needs above your own.
  • You've tried changing jobs, partners, friends, hobbies, clothes yet nothing seems to create that deep joyful life you know is possible.
  • You know life could be so much more fun, exciting and full of joy - you're just not sure how to make it a reality. 

The Details

We start on the 25th July with a welcome call & exploring joy workshop. 

You'll then get 30 days of daily prompt videos via the Facebook Group (these start on 26th July).

During that time we come together via group calls on August 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd to unpack what's going on & go deeper into the exploration.

After the 30 days you'll get a further 3 months in my membership Exploring Life Together; includes a monthly call where you can ask more questions & get support for your ongoing explorations.

Have a read of the other information on the page and if you have any questions drop me an email to [email protected]


Daily Prompts

For the first 30 days of The Joy Experiment you will get a short video (5 mins or so) to watch.

These are designed to provoke self exploration to see what's been holding you back from enjoying life more.

5 x Group Calls

We'll come together weekly on Thursday's at 8PM (UK time) to unpack what you've been exploring and share what we've been seeing.

The Experiments

This isn't a philosophy of joy course - it's about actually experiencing more joy, so you need to go out and apply the things you are seeing from the daily prompts.

I'm not giving you a checklist of 'fun' things to go and do - the experiments come from you. I'll be sharing some of the experiments I did and how you can find your own versions.

Facebook Group

I'll be posting the daily prompts, reminders and other updates in our Facebook Group.

You can use this as a space to share what you're seeing and benefit from the group learning environment of fellow humans exploring how to enjoy life.

3 Months Membership

Following the end of our 30 day exploration you'll also get 3 months access to my membership group Exploring Life Together (monthly call).

You can jump on this call to ask questions & get more support as needed.

What To Expect...

What we're looking at in this course is creating a deep lasting joy in your life - not just the occasional firework moment that fizzles out quickly.

To do this we can't just follow some 7 step process - nor can be a purely theoretical exploration.

There is a journey for us to go on that combines self exploration (inner work) with practical real world experiments - all with the purpose of supporting you to create your version of a life filled with joy.

You'll need to be open, curious & willing to look within (this won't always be easy or comfortable). You'll also need to be courageous to go out there into the world and experiment with what you're seeing.

I will of course be there to guide & support you throughout - but this isn't me being your crux though, it's about you waking up to your inner power & knowing so you can hold yourself no matter what happens.

If you have any questions drop me an email to [email protected] 


Join The Joy Experiment

We Start On 25th July

30 Day Exploration


  • 30 Days Of Prompts
  • 5 x Groups Calls
  • Facebook Group
  • 3 Months Access To Exploring Life Together

30 Day Exploration + 1:1's


5 Spots Available

  • 30 Days Of Prompts
  • 5 x Groups Calls
  • Facebook Group
  • 3 Months Access To Exploring Life Together
  • 2 x 60 min 1:1's With Paul

About Paul

I always sensed that there was so much more to life; yet no matter how much I tried it never quite felt like I was able to experience the joy of it like other people.

I was so desperate to be happy yet no matter what I tried nothing really changed - my life became one of high pressure, stress & anxiety that made enjoying life feel even further away; it all culminated in my mental health declining, divorce, debts, sofa surfing and losing hope things could change.

Through self exploration I got myself to an OK place where I wasn't really struggling anymore, but life still wasn't all that I hoped for, it was just alright. It was then I started doing numerous experiments to explore how I could live a more joy filled life.

With each experiment new insights came and my experience of things shifted - now several years on as I continue these practices I can say that I am living the life I always wanted and my day to day experience of life is filled with so much more joy (I am truly grateful and enjoy the adventure of life).

I am still on a journey with this -  and so I'm not only excited to facilitate The Joy Experiment for you but also for myself.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you're going through; I want you to know you're not alone, you're not broken and things really can change.

That version of life you're imagining, that feeling of deep joy, it is possible and I'd love to be with you as you go on an exploration of making it a reality.



If you have any other questions please email [email protected]

Ready For More Deep Joy In Your Life?

Come explore how we can create more deep lasting joy in our lives - without having to move country, quit your job or have a load more money - it really can be much simpler than we've been told...