Let's Explore Living More Effortlessly...

I'm so excited to welcome you to this world of exploring living more effortlessly. I believe that life can be an amazing journey and adventure that we all get to experience.

Imagine a life...

  • ...filled with joy, excitement, connection, love and peace.
  • ...where you genuinely feel excited to wake up and see what adventures await that day.
  • ...that doesn't feel like this endless struggle to get by or settle for.

I believe this about life because over the past three years I've experienced it all and so much more for myself.

Now, I'm guessing on some level you believe this too... otherwise you probably wouldn't be here.

To help you on your own journey I'll be creating a range of content from social posts, blogs and videos plus running a range of deeper explorations such as online calls.

Whatever content you decide to access, I hope it helps you in some way.


Key Stories From My Journey

Check Out My Transformation...

My Anxious To Effortless Transformation

Read the full story of how I went from an anxious depressed experience of life to one that was exciting and hopeful.

And how it all happened with far more grace & ease than I thought possible...


Struggling In Silence No More...

In early 2021 I publicly shared about my struggles with anxiety, OCD and depression.

I've put together this post so you can read about what I shared, had already learned and the incredible support that is out there...


Effortless - What's It All About?

For most of my life I navigated it by trying really hard, striving, putting myself under pressure, stressing, worrying, overthinking, doubting myself, playing small, living in fear and increasingly unhappy.

I always sensed life had so much more to offer. I believed there was so much more to life than an endless struggle just to get through the day.

After my life crumbling apart in 2017 I went into a depression where my anxiety got worse, my life became very small and I didn’t know what to do.

I had the feeling that life could be very different, but just no idea how to make it happen.

I’d tried all the usual techniques and strategies - but none of them really worked for me, they were a temporary plaster at best.

In 2020/21 I did find something that worked, I found the ‘how. And it completely transformed my life.

Now a few more years on I’m sharing the ‘how’ that I experienced and continue to to this day.

How I Transformed My Life (effortlessly)

This 'how' isn't some unique strategy or technique that I came up with - it was far more simple than I expected.

It was seeing through the misunderstandings I had about life. What does that mean?

The way I think of it is like this...

As we grow up, we all pick up ways to navigate life; rules of life if you like.

These rules then mean we play the game of life in certain ways.


What if those rules aren't helpful? What if they are in fact blocking you from living more effortlessly?

What if they're hindering your ability to create the life you've always wanted?

And that's what helped me so much - getting curious about these rules of life I'd been playing by and noticing how they were impacting my life.

And whether they were in fact True rules of life. How did this help? 

Well, once I started to consciously look at these rules I saw that many were just not true so I stopped playing by them. Others I adjusted to make more sense to me and some I kept.

And what happens when the rules of a game change? You play differently - just as I did in my life once the rules of my life started to look different.

I know this might not make much sense or perhaps it seems a bit too simple - and that's totally OK.

Here's what I'd suggest, just ponder the content and ideas I share. Don't believe it or take it as truth, just get curious about whatever stands out for you and see where it goes.

That's it.

Happy pondering,


P.S - if you'd like some extra direction on your explorations click below to check out the deeper explorations I'm currently working on...