3 Ways To Get More Leads & Clients


OK, let's get straight into the good bits - below I've outlined three of my favourite strategies that you can implement to start getting more leads and clients into your business...

Set Up A Funnel For A Specific Offer

The idea here is not to ‘just build an email list’ - you want people who might be interested in a specific offer you have available.

You’ll have seen lots of these and likely signed up for many yourself.

The simple idea is you give people something for free that actually genuinely adds real value (that bit is crucial) and after having the free thing some of those people might then be interested in one of your offers.

I love this option because for every offer you can create a free resource people can use, really benefit from and then potentially buy from you very quickly…

…AND it also means you’ve then got another person on your email list!

The key to making this work is actually giving something that really helps people, don’t bother with this if you’re just going to create another 4 page PDF that holds back from helping people.

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Start Blogging AND Or Posting On YouTube

Creating high quality content that genuinely helps your audience on platforms that are searchable and have longevity just feels like a no brainer for me.

Blogs… get indexed by Google and people can browser through them when on your website.

YouTube… people are searching on there AND videos can also get indexed by Google.

My approach…

Create one piece of content and make it a blog and a video. I like to write my blogs then create the video. Some people make the video then share a transcript. Totally up to you.

To make this approach really valuable is to have an offer you want to mention or link to for each piece of content you make. For example this piece of content I can very naturally talk about a couple of my offers such as Get More Clients or Websites That Convert.

Each piece of content can then act as a funnel to one of your offers or funnels. Now imagine having 10, 30, 50 or even 100 pieces of content floating around the internet with people finding them and each one driving traffic to one of your offers...

All you need to do is create a valuable piece of content once per week. 

Get Interviewed & Share Your Knowledge With New Audiences

In March 2024 Kirsty and I drove down to Newquay - a nice 5 hour drive where we listened to a podcast. This was with a great coach who was sharing so much value and answering questions about her programme (not in a salesy way at all).

That episode was from November 2021. I imagine that episode alone has had hundreds if not thousands of listens - and I’m willing to bet it helped that coach get clients, grow her audience and build her business.

It was one call, no prep and just an hour - and now it just sits there online ready for people to listen to it.

What a simple strategy. The requirements, you reach out to people who have podcasts, shows, memberships, programmes etc with people who you believe might be interested in what you share - and try to get booked to talk.

You repeat the process reaching out to people, do the calls you get booked for and that’s it.

This option is great for new(ish) online business owners as it requires no existing audience, just you taking some time to reach out to people.

Not only will it give you the opportunity to test out your messaging, you’ll build your audience and attract clients. Not just once, but over and over as people could listen 3 months, 3 years or even 30 years after you’ve done it.

Automate Your Lead Generation At Scale

These strategies are simple and super powerful, they have the potential to help you get lots of clients by doing a little bit of work consistently over time.

Imagine if you implemented these strategies where you might be in a years time - with 50 blogs/videos promoting you, 25 interviews getting you in front of new people daily and your email list growing daily in a way that promote your offers.

For me that gets me so excited, I love making marketing easier and more streamlined while also super effective and these strategies do just that.

The key takeaway I hope you take is that marketing doesn't need to be overly complicated and that focusing on a few key things really can create a big change in your business.

Now, if you're reading this feeling overwhelmed about what offers to put out there or how to build your online business be sure to check out my Marketing & Tech Courses such as Get More Clients, Websites That Convert & The Launch Assistant.

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3 Ways To Get More Leads & Clients

Mar 12, 2024


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